Monday, October 14, 2013

Mini Accordion Journaling Booklet by Kay

Good morning fellow crafters!  Kay here with my take on Marivic's October "Autumn is in the Air" challenge.

Autumn is my favorite Season of the year--the colors, foliage, cider, those wonderful crisp mornings & of course the variety of pumpkin inspired foods & coffee!  I'm such a fan of the pumpkin latte by Starbucks & you have to love those pumpkin muffins!  Yummy!  :-)  With Autumn in mind I created this mini journaling booklet.  Those that are familiar with my work know that I'm very much into journaling when it comes to my work.  I'm always storing my thoughts or story in some shape or form onto my layouts.  Mini journaling booklets is just one of my many preferred ways of storing my journaling.  This mini measures 3 1/2" inches high by 2 1/2" inches wide.

These little booklets can store a good amount of journaling and/or story telling & adds a really cute & unique embellishment for your project.

The covers to my mini were created with a 6x6 Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate and Speedball Block Printing Ink.  I followed one of the tutorials by Gelli Arts for creating 'Transfer Film' with the Gelli Plate in order to create the designs seen on my cover.  You can find that video tutorial here.
Here's October's Inspiration can find the full details for October's challenge here.
As seen in the video tutorial, I used a combination of several elements to create this design.  The 'shattered glass' base was created with a Clear Scraps stencil & Turquoise Speedball paint.  I then used a leaf stamp with a bit of Copper Speedball paint to stamp out my leaf images.  I used my brayer to apply the paints onto both my stencils & stamps. 

The green circles I created by dipping the end of an empty roll of toilet paper into paint!  I needed some kind of circle imprint & I didn't have any paper cups on hand (which is what was used in the video) so I improvised.  :-)

One thing I will reiterate which is stated many times in the video is that you have to wait until each layer of paint that you apply is fully dried prior to applying the next design.  I learned the hard way that this step cannot be skipped!  I lost count on how many times I had to stop & start again because I got too impatient & didn't wait until the paint was completely dry before starting my next layer.

Once I was done & had transferred my design to the packing tape, I applied cream colored Perfect Pearls to the back of the tape giving the design this shimmery background.  Finally I adhered the tape strips to a page I ripped out from an old vintage french book that I have in my stash--in the photos, you can faintly see the print in the background.

I used Grungeboard by Tim Holtz for the booklet covers.  
Here's what my accordion booklet looks like when open.  You can handwrite your journaling or print the journaling out onto paper & adhere it onto the booklet.
Here's the back cover of my accordion booklet.
Here's a side view of the booklet when closed.  As you can see it has a bit of dimension to it and looks just like a little book when closed.

As always, make sure you review our challenge rules.  Now onto this month's prizes...

First Prize:

Random Prizes:

 6x6 Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate
You will get 2 tubes of Green and Blue Speedball paint.

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Looking forward to seeing your creations!


  1. Kay this book is fantastic! I LOVE the colors and patterns you used for the cover! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  2. This is stunning Kay, I absolutely love it!!!

  3. Gorgeous mini booklet Kay! Love the oranges and blues together on the fabulous!

  4. Kay..just gorgeous! You did an amazing job on such a small space. Love the color combo..Thank you!!


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