Thursday, November 10, 2011

November Guest Design Team Members

Welcome to our Guest DT for the month of November. I am so pleased to announced our talented GDT this month and I want to thank Heather and Marilia for saying yes to us and for making such beautiful projects with the tags.

Heather Jacob

Hi, my name is Heather Jacob, I was so thrilled and excited when Marivic asked me to be a guest designer for November.
there are always so many inspiring pieces to see here on BerryBleu blog.

Here is Heather's first project:

Heather's 2nd Project

Heather was kind enough to take step-by-step photos of her first project.

1. Basic Page

2. Add Chipboard

3. Add banner.

4. Add title, circles, etc.

5. Add Tag.

6. Close-up.

Marilia Lopes

"I'm Marilia, mother of Gabriel and the Marina, married to Peter.
I am a very passionate about life and people, love life stories.
I'm electric, anxious and talk too much to the extreme!

I live in a town called Paraisópolis, located in southern Minas Gerais, where the fresh air and nature are present in my daily life
I am a woman who likes simple things!
I love dogs, full house and be around people that make me happy.
I've always done crafts from menina.Sei ... do a little of everything!
I found the comment to two years and it was love at first sight!
The wealth of materials associated with our memories and our stories have made the scrapbok my favorite hobby.
Imade ​​mini albums, I'm crazy about recycling! The idea of transforming what would go to waste on something different and beautiful ... fascinates me.
I have seen them evolve mine and I still have a long way to go, but I think the magic is right there.
I live a different life, I live in a town with my son and my husband and my daughter in another.

Every week there are people who stay and people go!
The scrapbook is a way to relax that became a passion.
I only brought good things ... wonderful friends!"

Marilia's first project

Marilia's second project. She made a recipe book cover.

Here is Marilia's November Challenge Project

Thank you for stopping by. Check out their blogs and get inspired..


  1. Hi Marivic!
    I want to thank the invitation, I was extremely honored and at the same time very happy to be Guest beside my dear friend Heather who is talented!
    It's my first time as Guest in an international forum, I am very happy!
    Your tags gorgeous!
    Thank you from the bottom my heart!

  2. Thank you for fantastic Guests and grat projects!

  3. Wow! Fantastic projects and a perfect use of Marivic's GORGEOUS tags!!! Well done ladies!!!

  4. Such gorgeous work from the guest DTs! Love all of them, but I especially love that recipe book cover, since I am a huge cook!

  5. Nossa...que projetos encantadores das duas designers! Heather, obrigada pelo passo a passo!!

  6. wow! Oh wow! Gorgeous inspiration from the guest designers. Those fabulous tags look awesome in their creations!

  7. WOWZERS!!! The GDT has created such Magic here....
    & Your TAGS Marivic are TOTALLY GORGEOUS in every way!!!!!! ♥♥


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