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Perfect Yummy Mulberries by Denise van Deventer

Hello Everyone

Denise here today to share my page with you for the May Challenge - Simple Pleasures.
Tusia created this amazing Mood Board.

This is my take on the challenge.

I used the words from DarkRoomDoor to sort of provide prompts for the little story that I have written on the back of my page and which I will also share with you here!

"Last summer we saw that our neighbours Mulberry tree was just bursting with fruit! Joe kept saying to me that he wishes we could get to taste some. So I went over to the neighbour one evening to ask him whether we could pick some mulberries. Unfortunately, he was not home and so a very disappointed little boy and myself came home, empty handed.

The next night I saw that someone was home and managed to speak with the neighbours father, who was actually just checking up on the house, since my neighbour was actually away.  He was in a bit of a hurry and so agreed to meet up with us on Saturday morning, so that we could do some picking. Another disappointed, little face was met, as I told Joe we would have to wait until Saturday.

From the moment we were awake on the Saturday morning, Joe kept asking whether it was 9am already, so that we could get going. Every few minutes he kept asking me whether it was time to go, so when it was eventually time, I sighed a sigh of relief! ;-)

We dressed in our oldest clothes and made our way to the neighbours house for our mulberry adventure. I laughed at the sight of us, as anyone seeing us, would probably think we were homeless people! Even the neighbours father gave us a few fleeting glances, probably thinking these people really need some fruit!! ;-)

We made our way to the backyard and the massive mulberry tree.  Only to discover a massive carpet of fallen mulberries at the bottom of three. We could not believe that about a 3cm layer of mulberries, virtually covered this small little backyard. The beauty of this huge tree and the beautiful, plump mulberries was a sight for sore eyes!

Joe and I had a number of plastic containers.  Joe started picking on the bottom branches and I picked as high up as I could get.  We soon enlisted Johann's help, from across the wall, and he was also picking. It was a juicy and sticky affair, as we were walking on the fallen mulberries and the juice soaked straight into our shoes. If ripe, they also fall at the slightest movement and so our hair and clothes were the colour of purple. It was magical as we all worked together, laughed and spent about an hour and more, trying to make a dent in this tree's load.

Joe was eating as much as he was picking and so his containers were slow to fill! ;-) Johann and I between us picked about 5 big containers, but also took a fair amount of time. But eventually we decided we had enough pickings and made our way home.

Before we could enter the backdoor, we all literally undressed and left all the clothing and shoes at the door.  We laughed our heads off at the sight of us, as we made our way straight for the shower and managed to get a little of the purple/black tinge off our hands and feet. 

I soon separated out the containers and went and delivered some off at my parents and sisters place.  Then I was back home and making some mulberry jam and putting some away in the fridge for later.  Joe had a whole bowl to himself and was constantly munching away at berries.
He has a love for mulberries that I doubt will dissipate!! ;-)

I wish I could have taken some photo's that day, while doing the pickings, but it was impossible to do so and so my photo is of the actual pickings, after the fact! They were sweet, plump and the most awesome simple pleasure ever! The memory will forever stick with was such an absolute treat!"

I hope that you haven't fallen asleep with my little story...LOL....but now you have an idea of why this simple little bowl of mulberries, was actually like a pot of gold! ;-)

I loved that this Molossi chipboard was so perfect for this page! I used crackle and inks to age it and give it  a woody texture.

The papers I used were from my stash and some amazing Websters Pages papers.  They are gorgeous and I still love them today!

So I hope that you will also share your story with us, and tell us about those Simple Pleasures!

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  1. I truly love this page..Berries look good enough to eat! Well done! Thanks!!


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