Sunday, June 05, 2016

Fairytale layout by Jessika

Hi guys!

Jessika here with a layout based on our beautiful mood board this month.

When I saw the mood board I knew exactly witch photo to use.

Do you recognize the house on my photo?

It is Pippi Longstockings house! Yes the real one from the movies :) It is located on an island here in Sweden called Gotland. We went there a couple of years ago and let me tell you, the inside is just as fun as the outside. It even got a slide from the attic to the ground floor!

I would love to live in such a fairy tale house.
Here are some details of the layout.

I used silver as a compliment color. Silver mini beads, silver chain and some silver metallic color on the title.

Our awesome sponsor:

"Scrapiniec is a first Polish producer of lasercut chipboards. We make best quality chipboards of our designs, we lpassionate about our job and put a lot of heart in it. We answer to various specific needs of our customers and we have a multilanguage offer of phrases"

Scrapiniec kindly offers the winner of the Juny Challenge a 30 USD Gift Certificate to use in the Scrapiniec online store!


  1. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration and for the beautiful color palette to create with :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi Jessika, this is fabulous, and the cutest house ever! x


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