Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Flower Tutorial Using Mini Paper Souffle Cups

Hi, it's Marivic here sharing with you what I discovered and what you can do with those mini souffle cups that you see in fast food restaurants. Well, they are great for Ketchup and hot, crispy fries!
Or you can color them and make them into pretty flowers that are so easy to make. 

Following Debbie's April Flower's what I made.
I will also make life easier for you. I tried mist sprays in different brands, even the vibrant dylusions..It doesn't work great..Also tried Luminarte, Shimmerz, and Letraset Aquamarkers. It just didn't give me the vibrant colors I am trying to achieve. 

The best one to use is this water soluble pastel sticks from Charvin.
They are awesome and very cheap..
So, next time you go to a burger joint, remember to ask for those souffle cups.

Have fun!!

Here I used it with the help of photoshop, I made the flowers into digital elements.

Here's my digi page and my daughter...

And here's another page using our sponsor's (inkido) paper.

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  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! LOVE these!!!

  2. Hello Marivic, I found you on Julies blog list and I'm now a follower. I love your blog. The idea to make the flowers is great, I'm going to try that. P.S. The video is amazingly well done, I was impressed.

  3. How lovely, Marivic! Must give them a try. TFS.

  4. Hi Marivic, I love your out of the box thinking. The flowers turned out really cute! Congratulations. Thank you so much for your tutorial. There's a restaurant that I go to that has those cups out for people to put ketchup or whatever condiments they want themselves. Its going to be tough not to take them all...LOL But I'm definitely going to take a few and make these flowers.

  5. Beautiful pages Marivic!!! Thanks for the tuto!!!


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