Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Home Made Rub On Tutorial By Debbie

Hi Debbie here today to share with you how I made the rub on title for my April Challenge layout:

Sometimes I don't have the perfect alphabet to match my layout, or it may be just a matter of how much space there is on my layout.  I love the vintage look of Inkido's Beautiful Memories papers and wanted my title to tie in with the papers so I made my own rub on title.  
It's really easy and here are the steps for creating your own rub ons:

1.  I used Photo Shop Elements to type my title. The font I used is called JoeHand2.
Lots of free fonts on this site:

2.  Next, I flipped my title horizontally:

3.  I used a plastic wrapping from a paper collection to print my title on.
Cut out a piece of the plastic wrapping large enough to cover your title
 and tape it down to your paper. Place your paper in your printer try and print.

4.  After your title has printed make sure that you let it complete dry.
 I let mine sit for about an hour.
5. Remove the plastic wrapping and place it  face down on your layout and use your rub on tool or a wooden popsicle stick and rub your title.  
Remove the plastic wrapping and there you have it!
Quick and easy!

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial!

. . . Debbie


  1. This is so awesome .....nice tutorial,I've done this on a piece of acetate because I didn't have one of those nice stamps with all the text,so I just printed off a couple different saying just like you did and rubbed it on with my had...It was almost as easy as a stamp! I like it because I can pick the font and size I want!

  2. that is sooooo cool !! tfs xx

  3. Very cool indeed. Love the font - what is it and where can i get it? Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is so cool Debbie! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to use this for sure.

  5. Janene the font I used is called JoeHand2. Lots of free fonts on this site:
    Another good site for free fonts is:

  6. How fun! I love rub-ons so will definitely be trying this! Thanks Debbie! =)

  7. Thanks for sharing this awesome technique, Debbie!

  8. So cool!!! Thanks for sharing this Debbie!!!

  9. Wow, that is a super tip!! I have always trouble with the titles. I am sure gonna try this, thanks for sharing!

  10. I will try this one has a lot of amazing fonts. Thanks for sharing with us..


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