Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Layout by Helen

Hi there everyone!
I hope you had a great Mother's Day over the weekend :)

I believe that all women are mothers even if they can not or
chose not to have children.  We are the nurturers, of the plants,
the pets, our co-workers, it's just in our nature!

I was sent a beautiful Mother's Day themed tag by Marivic to use
for this month's project and I love the vibrant blue/green tones of it!

I used all Prima Papers and accessories.  If you love pretty things
{like Marivic's tags} then Prima works really well together with them.

These tags are literally so stunning that you don't have to 
create fancy pages to go along with them - the tag is a
 ready-made embellishment in it's own right and will always 
add the WOW factor!

Because the tags are fairly big {approx 3 x 5inches} the way
I use them is to consider them as I would a photograph and
place them accordingly, to make them integral to the design.

Here is the star of the show! 
 The gorgeous tag shining out as the focal point of 
my scrapbook page. I cut up a Prima vine and used 
the rose, tendrils and leaves from half of it just below 
the tag,together with half a Prima swirl to blend the tag
 in seamlessly onto my page.

To achieve a really layered effect on my page I used a 
Crafter's Workshop 6inch Reverse Chicken Wire stencil
(the bright pink you see under the tag) and if you look 
carefully you'll see I also added some white mesh under
the tag that came from some vegetable packaging!

A close-up of the truly stunning Berry 71 Bleu tag!


Each one is a miniature masterpiece!

The delicious details of the tag blending with the Prima
Rose vine & "Say-it-in-Crystals" bling swirl.

I am blessed to be a mama of 4 babies 
so I have a lot to be thankful for :)

My other embellishment cluster diagonally opposite
the tag.  Unless your scrapping style is very clean &
simple, it's a good idea to balance out the tag on the
other side of your page with some similar embellishments.

It wasn't intentional but the chicken-wire stenciling up 
on the top right there kinda looks like a heart to me :) 

 I hope you  enjoyed having a look at my page!  If you 
visit my blog HERE I'll have this layout up there later today
 with more details about my techniques and supplies!  


  1. This is beautiful... lovely colours & the tag blends really well - sort of flows effortlessly into the whole LO... & it DOES look like hearts!!!

  2. Wow Helen this is just so absolutely gorgeous! Love the use of that tag along with the pics and embellies...perfect!

  3. Gorgeous Helen! Thank you! You are one lucky mom to have all these healthy and beautiful children!

  4. lovely page!!! and loved loved the new blog look!

  5. So beautiful, love the rich colors on your page!!

  6. sensational !!! I adore reading all your posts ... full of passion and love and it shows in your creations ... always be true to to and know you are loved by many xoxoxoxoxo

  7. GORGEOUS layout Helen!!! I love the bright colors you used!!!!And your children are SOOOO beautiful!You are a blessed and lucky woman!!!

  8. Beautiful page Helen.. love the vibrant colours, you're so right, Prima lends itself beautifully to Marivic's gorgeous tags!! ADORE your family pics!! hugs :))

  9. Helen, you made such a fantastic page with this tag, looks like great cooperation between you and Marivic!

  10. Helen - AWESOME page! I love the vibrant colors you chose!!!


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